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Skater's Agreement & Etiquette

Skate Canada has an expectation that our skaters, parents, coaches, and clubs members will participate in our sport in a courteous manner, within the spirit of fun and goodwill. This is also the Port Coquitlam Skating Club’s view and commitment in providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to all members.


Ice Etiquette:

Safety is of the most importance to avoid collisions, and near misses.  It is a must that skaters remain attentive and respectful to all ice participants. Be courteous and aware of all skaters on the ice, and know that all skaters have the right to use the whole ice surface.

Right of way is given to:

  1. Soloist with music

  2. Lessons with coach (including harness lesson)

  3. Oncoming skater watches spinning skater

Practice good safety:

  • Skate with your head up and your eyes open

  • If you fall, please get up immediately

  • Skaters going backward without looking are being careless

  • No standing around in groups on the ice, as this is a hazard

  • If you are looking at your parent(s) in the stands, you are not attentive to your on-ice surroundings

  • Proper athletic/skating attire must be worn on the ice, with hair tied back off of your face.  Bobby pins must be securely fastened (crossed) in hair when on the ice

  • A parent or other responsible person should remain at the rink with their skater in case of emergency



  • Temper tantrums (ie.:  stamping/kicking the ice or the boards) will not be tolerated, and skaters disrespecting this rule will face temporary removal from the ice

  • No profanity on or off the ice, or within the rink building

  • No electronic equipment, gum, food, beverages on/at rink side (other than water)

  • Ask permission from your coach if you wish to leave the ice

Skate Canada Helmet Use Rule:

All CANSkate, Adult CANSkate, Parent & Tot, Hockey/Ringette Skating Skills Development, Shining Stars Academy, and Star Academy participants (up to and including Stage 5), must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice. Clubs and skating schools must ensure this policy is enforced during all skating activities including competitions, carnival days, or any other special on ice activity throughout the season for this level of skater.  Clubs and skating schools may choose to expand the use of CSA approved hockey helmets in their club, as they see necessary. This policy is a minimum standard.



A responsible person MUST remain with your skater while they are on the ice. Also, to respect our skaters, we ask that parents ensure any siblings, or friends at the rink refrain from distracting activities in the stands. No videotaping is allowed without permission from the Director of Skating.


Thank you,

The Port Coquitlam Skating Club Board of Directors


Parent Code of Ethics

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