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Skate Canada STARSkate (Skill*Test*Achievement*Recognition):


The Skate Canada STARSkate program offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop figure skating skills in the areas (disciplines) of Freeskate, Artistic, Ice Dance, and Skating Skills.

Each discipline is divided into STAR 1 - STAR 10/Gold Assessments.


Unique to Canada, this program teaches figure skating skills in a progressive and sequential manner. Skaters may be taught in group and/or private lesson format, and may choose to take tests/assessments, and participate in competitions throughout the year.

The STARSkate program at the Port Coquitlam Skating Club is structured in a private or semi-private lesson format, providing skaters of all ages and levels with the opportunity to advance their skating skills at their own pace.  Unlike the CANSkate and Shining Stars Academy Programs, STARSkate fees are for ice time only for the Freeskate and Ice Dance sessions.  Skaters receive private or semi-private lessons from one of our coaching team, and are billed directly by the coach for these lessons - with the exception of the group Enrichment & Theatre on Ice portion of the sessions, which includes the coaching fee.

 *In order to compete, skaters at this level

 must participate in at least 3 skating sessions per week.

5% discount offered to Junior level skaters who register for 3 or more sessions per week.

10% discount offered to Intermediate & Senior level skaters who register for 4 or more sessions per week.




Skate Canada Competitive Skate:


Similar to the STARSkate program, our program for Competitive Skaters is geared towards skaters who want to challenge themselves to compete at the provincial, national and international level in Singles, Pairs, and Dance. The Competitive Skating Levels are:

  • Pre-Juvenile

  • Juvenile

  • Pre-Novice

  • Novice

  • Junior

  • Senior







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Enrichment (On Ice) & Theatre on Ice Sessions:

These ice sessions are taught in a structured group format (with coaching and ice costs included in the registration fee), and are designed with a focus on enhancing the skater's development in the areas of stroking, edges, turns, speed, power, field moves; and proper form, body alignment, creativity, musicality, expression, and music interpretation.

Please ensure you are aware of your program, and discuss options with the Director of Skating.

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Skate Canada
Long-Term Athlete
Development Model

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